Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Your New Job!

A few things happen after the end of the National Tournament. Many of these things will have already happened if you are just joining the world. First off (most of the time) your prestige changes, whether this means up or down it effects who you will be able to recruit right away. You’ll notice that when you search “All D3 recruits” With (lets say) your C- prestige inseason and then do the same with your C+ prestige after the season is over you will have more, usually better recruits available to you. So take a chance to rescan recruits and see if there is anyone new. (The “better” recruits may or may not be on the top of your list because they might have a lower “overall” score but have better “cores”)

Also players transfer. Players can transfer from a school due to a lack of playing time and/or due to a coach breaking a promise to that player. These players are available right after the conclusion of the NT and can be viewed then and added to your watch list.

Another good thing to do is to search up 1 division within 100 miles. Any player that is within 70 miles may take your recruiting effort if they normally wouldn’t because they are “local” to your school. So send these guys (If there are any you might want on your team) a phone call in cycle 1. You can judge by their response whether or not they are willing to be recruited by you or if it’s a lost cause.

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