Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Players 'Overall'?

A players “Overall” is a very deceptive number. It really only means the Overall number of ratings points and nothing more. Just because a player is “Overall” higher then another player does NOT mean they are better. It does give them a better chance of being a better player. What you really need to look at is the players “Core Values”. Core values differ by position and are very much so dependent on the sets you run (ie Defense ratings is much more important in Man to Man then Zone.) Here is my list of Core Values by position in order of importance.

PG: Speed, Passing, Ball Handling, Stamina, Athleticism, Work Ethic, FT%, Defense, Perimeter (In my opinion really only has to be improvable)
SG: Speed, Athleticism, Perimeter, Ball Handling, Work Ethic, Stamina, Passing, Defense, FT%
SF: Athleticism/Speed, Rebounding, Perimeter, Work Ethic, FT%, Low Post, Stamina, Defense, Ball Handling/Passing
PF/C(Are usable Interchangeably): Rebounding, Athleticism, Speed, FT%/Perimeter, Low Post, Shot Blocking, Defense. (At the lower levels any Ball Handling and/or Passing is viewed as a bonus)

Recruits do come into college with an IQ knowledge, Freshmen come in with anywhere from an F to a B- in a set. Most coaches take the IQ a player has as a bonus. You can find out where there IQs might be by calling recruits HS coaches and/or using Scouting Trips.

Low Post means absolutely nothing for any player playing at a guard position. Shot Blocking is pretty much meaningless for guards also.

Players High School stats do NOT mean anything! The only one that matters is FT%! The others are window dressing.

Some coaches will disagree with me on the importance of Perimeter in Big Men. I feel it opens up my game for all of my players and really helps when teams play negative D settings on me as my big men can step out and hit the 12-15 footers, along with the occasional 3-pointer.

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