Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Recruiting Methods


What It Does

Watch List

Adds a player to your ‘Watch List’ No recruiting value

Call Recruit

Calls the recruit. Minimal recruiting value, Good to see if you are a ‘backup option’ or if you’re good to go to recruit. Note: Too many can annoy a recruit

Send Materials

Sends player materials on your school, pretty much the same as a phone call.

Call Coach

Calls players coach. You may receive information on what Offense and Defense the player played in High School and how well they know it. Minimal (if any) recruiting value.

Scouting Trip

You Scout the player during one of his games. You get feedback on the player’s skills and possibly what Offense and/or Defense they play and/or how good they know it. Can not be refused by the player. Great way to get a player to begin to accept HV or CV. Decent recruiting Value.

Home Visit

You go to a player’s house to visit them. Can be denied by recruit. May or May not receive the money that would have been spent on it back. Good Recruiting Value

Campus Visit

You bring a player to your campus to show them around. Can be refused by Recruit, may or may not get monies back. Maximum recruiting value.

Guaranteed Minutes/Start

You let the player know that you plan on playing them. Be sure you can meet these promise before you give them out. Players can transfer if you don’t live up to them. Solid recruiting Value. Note: Promises are only for a players Freshmen year.

Psyc Opinion/Personality Test

Were used for Dilemmas that are now not in the engine. Not refuse able by recruit, some coach’s say it works to help getting a player to take HV/CV. I have not used them.

Inform of Redshirt

Telling a player you plan on redshirting them. Although not needed to redshirt a player if you inform them and you sign them they will take a redshirt no matter what. Usually Negative recruiting value.

Offer Scholarship

Offering one of your open ‘ships to a potential recruit. In my opinion if you really want a guy its best to offer the ‘ship right away. Solid recruiting value.

Booster Gifts

Illegal way of recruiting (Can’t be used at DIII). Very High Risk, potentially High Reward?? I have never used them but I believe that most people that do use them don’t get away with them. If caught Harmful to your reputation and your program may not be allowed to play in the postseason and/or lose ‘ships.

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