Wednesday, October 7, 2009


At DII and DI these players are not eligible for their Freshmen season, meaning they do not play nor do they practice. Put all Practice minutes into Study Hall (Really it does matter).

These players have a chance of being eligible for a 5th year of eligibility. At DII they need a 2.0 gpa to be offered a 5th year (They do NOT have to stay for 5) at DI they need a 2.7 gpa or higher to be offered this extra year.

Also ineligibles may or may not actually report to your team. If you sign them during recruiting there is still a chance that they might go JuCo. If this happens you will receive an email shortly after the CI top 32 Recruiting Classes mail. Then the next season you will have a small built up recruiting advantage for these players, sometimes they will even begin the recruiting period considering you.

Note: Once again all players are eligible at DIII.

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