Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Team Game Planning

In the team game plan page you set your offense to run, the tempo to run that offense at And the defense to run and what positioning.


There are 4 offenses, Flex, Motion, Triangle and Fastbreak. I’ll refer you to ahausla’s thread on the “Compendium of HD Offenses”

Next we’ll move on to tempo. Tempo means only one thing, how much time your team will run off the clock before they take the shot. It in no way effects how good or bad the shot taken will be. Again if you run uptempo all that changes in the engine is less time comes off the clock each possession then if you were running normal or slowdown. This does indirectly effect fatigue, more possessions equals more fatigue, but running uptempo in and of itself does not wear out another team. It is mostly considered that If you are playing a team you are better then run uptempo, if you are playing a team that is better then you you have a better chance to win by running slowdown.

Note: I, personally, run uptempo with my press teams because I feel the extra possessions give my team an added advantage of having more chances to make the steal and the easy bucket.


There are seven different D’s. Here I’ll quickly go over them.

Man to Man: Basic Man to Man D. A player matches up against a single player. Defense rating is most important in this defensive set. (I’ll throw out there 40-50ish as a solid number for a d3 player) Covered under the Man to Man IQ.

Zone (2-3 and 3-2):

Both are covered under the Zone IQ. 2-3 zone has 2 players guarding the perimeter and 3 players guarding the baseline. A 3-2 is the opposite, 3 in the perimeter and 2 on the baseline. Rebounding is big in a zone. If you run it you need to make sure you have a solid sf with good rebounding. If you run a 3-2 you need to have two VERY good rebounders inside. Any additional rebounding in your guards is a great bonus. Players D ratings are averaged in this D. So you can ‘hide’ a bad defender.

Fullcourt Press:

Covered under the Press IQ. You press the ball for the 1st half of the court and trap for the 2nd half. Speed and athleticism are big, the higher a players D rating the more steals they will have. Stamina is big in this D too as your players are continually running.

Half-court Press/Man to Man:

Covered under the Press and Man to Man IQs. Harder to have good IQs as you tend to be average in two rather then great in one. Need good Speed and Athleticism along with high Defense ratings.

Half-court Press/Zone:

Covered under the Press and Zone IQs. Again, Harder to have good IQs as you tend to be average in two rather then great in one. D is slightly less important then in HCP/M2M. Speed and Athleticism are Huge again.


This is where you tell your team what you would like them to take away. If you set your positioning to a + setting you will push into the perimeter in effect pressuring the ball more and taking away the outside shot. The higher you go into the numbers the more you guard the perimeter. On the otherside is the – setting, you pack into the interior and take away the inside shot, leaving the outside open. Obviously the faster your team the quicker your players can recover. 0 is ‘balanced’ where you don’t focus on either the interior or the perimeter.

Note: The more – you go the more fouls you will have.

Note: You are also given the opportunity to allow the Sim to change your positioning at half. You have a few options. Whenever your team is down 5 or 10 and Always or Never. The sim will never change you more then 2 points up or down. This is a personal preference thing. Personally I feel I am smarter then the Sim so I have mine set at ‘Never’.

Late Game Tactics:

Here you can set what you would like your team to do when winning late or losing late on either O or D. It uses the same principles as above. The only difference here is you can change your teams 3 point frequency on O by the team. So if you’re losing late and would like your team to launch 3s to try to get into the game then set it + or – for not doing so

Note: When changing your O or D sets for your team, make sure to change them here also!

Note: At the bottom of the page are options to give or not give backups time based on if the game is out of reach. If you have promise to freshmen players this can hamper you from meeting them. So beware of that when choosing whether to choose either of them.

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