Wednesday, October 7, 2009


At the beginning of each season all the recruits for the next season are generated. This means you can look through them, add players to your watch list that fit your system.

(The recruiting Watch list has NO effect on prospective players, this is only for your benefit)

You can order these recruits by ‘High’ ‘Medium’ and ‘low’ or leave them at nothing at all. This is a good way to build a small (or big) list of players to keep your eye on. Also if you find an ineligible player that you’re interested in by adding them to your watch list you will get periodic updates as to whether or not they have reached the scores they need to become eligible to play for your team if you recruit them.

(Note: At D3 all players are eligible as long as they have a 2.0 gpa or higher, disregard the “Ineligible” at the top of their profile)

There isn’t anything more you can do inseason recruiting wise other then look for prospective players and build your recruiting watch list.

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