Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Player Distro

Player distros are your way as a coach of telling the engine how many plays you want to run for each player per game. Distro is a percent. So if your starting lineup looks like this:

Player A - 10
Player B - 10
Player C - 10
Player D - 10
Player F – 10

Every player on your team would receive the same amount of ‘plays ran for them’ in this case each player would get a play ran for them 20% of the time. If a backup came in that had only 5 distro then all the starters would get a higher percent of plays ran for them and the backup less then 20%.

Note: I prefer to run a balanced offense. Usually my teams run on most guys between 7-13 distro. Many times I have had backups recieving the most distro on my team. Remember distro is calculated by who is all on the floor. So even if a player is set at 20 distro out of 100 that doesn't mean that they will take 20% of the total shots for your team.

Note: Distro does not have to equal 100. You can have it add up to whatever number you see fit.

Note: Offensive rebounds do not go towards a players ‘distro’ because it is not a play ran for the player.

Note: You can run a team with All 0’s in the distro column. That allows the engine to determine when a player shoots. I and other coaches use this to see who our ‘play makers’ are. I have actually ran successful teams running all 0’s.

Also on the “Player Game Plan” page is the 3 point Frequency per player. This is where you can decide who you want shooting 3s and how often. To be honest I really don’t like any of my players above 0, except on rare occasions. Here is what each setting means:

  • +2: Always look for the 3 pt. shot first
  • +1: Take more 3 pt. shots than normal
  • 0: Take a 3 pt. shot as part of the flow

of the offense. That is determined based on numerous factors, including a player's position, skills, the style of defense and the positioning of the defense.

  • -1: Take less 3 pt. shots than normal
  • -2: Never take a 3 pt. shot unless it's a desperation shot

Note: If you leave the offensive distro values at zero for all players the computer will decide each players 3 point frequency.

Also available is the “Foul Trouble” setting. This setting allows a coach to tell the engine how aggressive you want to be with your players when they are in foul trouble. If you have it set to More Aggressive the engine will keep your players in longer when they are in Foul Trouble. If you have it set to Less Aggressive it will pull them sooner and keep them on the bench longer.

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